News Articles and Race

References of racial division in media articles have only increased exponentially in recent years. “White supremacy”, “Unconscious bias” and “police brutality” are now part of our vocabulary. Popular belief says it is because of the rhetoric of former President Trump that America is in this racial mess. Or others argue that “institutional racism” affects Blacks and that slavery was the cornerstone of America’s founding. (I argued for the contrary in my post: The 1619 Project and the revision of America’s History.)

The trend demonstrates is that disseminator of hate is actually the media. Black people are way better off nowadays than in previous times. Yet, this discussion is only exploding in the news. Statistical data compiled by LexisNexis shows that it was during the times of the Obama administration (the first black president) that this discussion took root and continuously grows today.

For good or for worst, race is redefining social issues in America in the 20th century, and it comes with loudspeakers.

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