My first poem: Faraway sigh (Lointain soupir)

When I was in 6th grade, I was already an aspiring writer. I loved expressing myself through words. Inspired through other people’s poems, I wrote poems too (quite a lot). Poetry was a way to liberate myself and “engage with my emotions.” Dwight Longenecker perfectly explains “Why you need poetry” in an essay. May it be reading or writing poems, the benefits are what human nature longs for. And eventually:

“Poetry makes you dig for that meaning and helps you express that meaning. In a world that seems increasingly meaningless, poetry helps you dig deep.”

Dwight Longenecker, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Many years have passed since I have been writing poems and I perceive how my writing style has changed. My linguistic capabilities have expanded, especially in the English realm. I am not sure if I can say the same when it comes to French. My thought process as well as my world perspective has also evolved. Especially in poetry, there are so many ways to understand and feel each verse.

How does language create effect? This is a question I never asked myself in the past, but pops up while reading my own piece of literature after studying this subject at school. After all, I can say that I was rewarded with poetry.

The best with poems is that it is not a problem if it does not make sense for others. Sometimes, what you feel cannot be expressed through a selected dictionary vocabulary. Metaphors and similes, there is a pool of literary devices to give depth to words, meaning to imageries.

Here is the first poem I have ever written. The original version is in French. I have given the English translation below. Please note that the literary meaning and effect can be completely off from the original.

Lointain soupir

Loin, de plus en plus loin
Vite, de plus en plus vite
Ce soupir que je sens;
S'est envolé!

Où est ta sagesse?
Où est ton calme?
Il me manque qu'une seule personne,
C'est toi!

Derrière ce visage,
Je vois avec l'amour que tu détiens.
Mais maintenant je ne te sens plus!

Nature, nature.
L'humain ne te comprend pas.
L'humain ne te sait pas.

C'est à cause de ça,
Que je dis;
Ton soupir disparaît

English translation:

Faraway sigh

Far, increasingly far
Fast, increasingly fast
That sigh I feel;
Has flown away

Where is your wisdom?
Where is your calm?
I only need one person,
It is you!

Behind that face,
I see with the love you hold
But now I can't feel you!

Nature, nature.
Human doesn't understand you.
Human doesn't know you.

It’s because of this,
That I say;
Your sigh is gone

I invite you to read “Why you need poetry” and enjoy engaging with your emotions.

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