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News Articles and Race

References of racial division in media articles have only increased exponentially in recent years. “White supremacy”, “Unconscious bias” and “police brutality” are now part of our vocabulary. Popular belief says it is because of the rhetoric of former President Trump that America is in this racial mess. Or others argue that “institutional racism” affects Blacks and that slavery was the …

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My first poem: Faraway sigh (Lointain soupir)

When I was in 6th grade, I was already an aspiring writer. I loved expressing myself through words. Inspired through other people’s poems, I wrote poems too (quite a lot). Poetry was a way to liberate myself and “engage with my emotions.” Dwight Longenecker perfectly explains “Why you need poetry” in an essay. May it be reading or writing poems, …

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4 Years to Remember – Achievements of a Contentious President

As promised in my previous post, I have written about successes of the Trump administration. In full account and details, 3 that I appreciated the most and 1 that I disliked. There are certainly more impacts of Trump’s four years that can potentially be discussed. For now, I will stick to four main points: economy, foreign policy, federal judiciary and …

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